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Why Donate ?
Reporters are the foundation of our country. It is crucial to ensure that all reporter have access to quality social rights,  proper journalism training in work place, economical benefit from government department  and a safe environment, so they can reach their full potential to serve country as a 4th pillar . Therefore, WAR-BHARAT has been working towards helping reporters achieve their dreams and providing them change their lifeline with hopeful dignity.


Our Work:

WAR-BHARAT currently operates in 19 states and 80 districts, including Delhi Mumbai, Pune, Ranchi, Kolkata, and Chennai. We collaborate with grassroots partners and SRB under Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to address the pressing needs of reporter and bring about long-lasting change. Our key focus areas include:

  • Training : We going to conduct awareness drives to highlight the importance of training and ensure that all reporters are enrolled in training.

  • Protection: We try to prevent reporters insurance  and medical benefit by creating awareness about the harmful effects of these practices. Additionally, we connect reporters and victim families with  job opportunities.

  • Health check up and care : We try to ensure reporters receive timely vaccinations and sufficient free health checkup by connecting them to government and corporate healthcare services.

Donate Now Just Minimum Rs.101/-

Support us to help reporters and their victim families.

Thank you for your donation!

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