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Our Journalism Services 

WAR-BHARAT Journalism department registered by Self Regulatory Board-JMAGC  under  ministry of information & broadcasting, Government of Bharat ( Registration No. JMAGC/NP/000A34/2023-24, is professional managed organization in the area of journalism & research of reporters community.  Journalism is an essential component of a democratic society. Nations with freedom of the press tend to function better than those with restrictions on journalists. Countries with extensive restrictions on their press are often not democratic at all. A basic journalism definition is the gathering, assembling, and presentation of news. Journalists produce many different types of content for various media, but their work is tied together by the fact that they all focus on nonfiction information related in some way to current events. Additionally, journalism is usually performed in association with some sort of news outlet that gathers journalistic pieces and provides them to the public.There are dozens of different ways to communicate news, meaning that journalism jobs vary heavily depending on what news medium the journalist is working in and what kind of news they report on. However, almost all journalism jobs have some tasks in common. Journalists across mediums work to identify interesting news, do research on the subject of their stories, and identify potential interview subjects. Nearly all journalists conduct interviews, arrange the information they've gathered into a coherent story, and then work with editors to ensure that their work is high quality.

Our Vision :

WAR-BHARAT reporters have a single focus to provide quality journalism, in a timely reporting manner and to equip the News headline with the information needed to move ahead. They have honored with Reward & Recognition by Official. 

Our Mission:

WAR-BHARAT ground reporters strives each day in creating an the highest ethical and moral standards reporting, being faithful stewards of all that is entrusted to us.

Our Focus : 

1. Reporters have ground reporting basic training & knowledge writing.

2. Reporters have monthly or package earing facility to sustain lifeline.

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